By :
Brahim Chkiri
Morocco, 2005
80 min
Leila’s dull housewife existence takes an unexpected turn when she becomes a pawn in a game of out of this world proportions.
Leila, who is terribly bored by her eventless life as a housewife, suddenly starts having inexplicable visions. Her concerned husband, who wants life to go back to normal, gives his wife tranquillisers in order to “cure” her. His efforts prove to be fruitless however, and Leila establishes contact with a woman trapped in another dimension and in need of the young homemaker’s help to transmit a message.

Brahim Chikri started his filmmaking career after completing a PhD in sociology and the producer Nabil Ayouch – a veritable film industry unto himself - is the man behind a number of hugely successful Moroccan films, among them the multi-award winning Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets.