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Morocco, 2009
105 min
The poor but determined Omar is competing over Aicha’s heart with the powerful Azzam. A horse race and a swordfight will settle the score.
Two competing tribes - the Oulad Khatab and the Oulad Zaar – are getting ready for the traditional Fantasia competition. Chama, the daughter of Oualad Khatab’s chief is struggling to take control of her own life, while Omar, the son of a cleaning lady, is trying to win her heart. He enters the contest, which is reserved for the elite and also has to face Chama’s cousin Azzam, who has different plans for her. Unlike Omar it is not love that is motivating Azzam.

The director Mohamed Nesrate was the assistant director of Bouchareb’s celebrated film Days of Glory. The producer Nabil Ayouch – a veritable film industry unto himself - is the man behind a number of hugely successful Moroccan films, among them the multi-award winning Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets.