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Morocco, 2009
87 min
Adil, who is tempted to take the easy way out, marry a tourist and leave, still has a feeling there is more to life than wealth.
After a long period of unemployment 19-year-old Adil finally finds a job as a waiter. He is anxious not to lose his job until he meets “the beach boys”, a group of kids who spend their lives surfing, chilling and flirting with tourists in the hope that one of them one day will take care of them. Adil is tempted to join them, but is about to learn that life is more complicated than the beach boys make it seem.

Beach Boys’s is directed by Younes Reggab, the son of Moroccan cinema legend Mohamed Reggab. The producer Nabil Ayouch – a veritable film industry unto himself - is the man behind a number of hugely successful Moroccan films, among them the multi-award winning Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets.