By :
Jean-Marie TENO
Cameroon, 1996
98 min
Sobgui is an illegal taxi driver until he is forced into exile in Germany, where he starts thinking about his role in changing Cameroon.
In Cameroon taxis are supposed to be yellow. Nonetheless Sobgui drives his blue station wagon around the streets of Douala, “helping his brothers out under the hot sun to get home.”
Sobgui is a “CLANDO”, an illegal (clandestine) taxicab driver.

It’s not an easy life. There is hostility from the yellow cabs and constant police harassment. At home, Sobgui’s relationship with his wife is tense. Then one morning, Sobgui finds two men waiting outside his house. They want information and Sobgui ends up witnessing a murder. He is at the end of his rope...
so, it’s with relief that Sobgui leaves Cameroon. He heads to Germany to buy used cars with the intention of starting a real taxi business back home. Out of gratitude to the village elder that financed his trip, Sobgui goes to Cologne to look for the man’s long-lost son.

In Cologne, Sobgui meets Irene, a young political activist fighting for minorities and immigrants’ rights. She is curious and wants to know everything about Sobgui. He tells her about the last year of his life, a year of turmoil and violence which has left its scars.

Sobgui was a young executive in a computer firm, but on the eve of legislative elections he was abducted and transformed into yet another victim of his government’s senseless repression.

Irene’s interest and her questioning finally force Sobgui to reconsider his commitment to struggle for change in Cameroon.