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Togo, 2008
85 min
To stay true to ones principle when the wallet is empty is not an easy choice, but Akofa is adamant to live up to her own high standards.
With a degree but jobless, Akofa runs a small fresh water business in order to survive and support her younger sister Jacky. Unlike her friend Déla, Akofa refuses to give in to the temptation to go for easier but shadier money. One day something happens and Akofa has to decide whether she can still afford to turn down Jean’s indecent offer.

Young Togolese director Madjé Ayité, whose film was screened at Fespaco in Burkina Faso and Écran Noir in Cameroon in 2011, offers a glance into the hardships of everyday life suffered by women in big cities across the continent.