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Nigeria, 2007
110 min
Naomi Adams is dead. Slaughtered. The investigation is in a dead-end. Mrs Adams was the wife of the top opponent and the ‘Nigerian factor’ is at work. Powerful Nollywood hit.
A compelling and gripping story of Mrs. Naomi Adams, a top Nigerian society lady slaughtered right inside her study room by an unknown assasin. Coincidentally, the nation is undergoing a democratic transition and the late Adams happened to be the estranged wife of John Adams, the most vocal political opponent of the current administration. 
Determined to get to the roots of the gruesome murder and exonerate the government from the widespread complicity, the Nigerian police launches a manhunt on the exclusive murderer, spreading their nets even to rat holes, but there seems to be a dead end somewhere.
With all the odds against them, coupled with the Nigerian factor, they seem to have embarked on a mission to nowhere.