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Nigeria, 2005
110 min
A evil magician invites the Scorpion demons back to earth for a cruel revenge. Nollywood witchcraft and exorcism.
The film starts with the legend that six demons travel to eternity and treat humanity. A killer/magician with black gloves put scorpion's poison into a sick man's medicine and murders him. Then he performs evil ceremonies and the six animated demons travel to Earth into a fireball. 
The magician happens to be the fat second wife of a rich man. She seduces his son and she hires three criminals to kidnap his daughter into the woods and rape her. But the demon comes from the sky during full moon and eats one rapist's face so the girl manages to escape and return home. There a blind female exorcist inform the rich man about the evil danger in his house and perform an exorcism.
Get to know the witchy side of Nollywood with top director Teco Benson.