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Nigeria, 2003
100 min
Nollywood love triangle… Blinded by love, Ken is about to learn a few painful lessons: Listen to your woman, but do not trust everything an enraged lover says, not even if she is your own wife.
When Ken’s wife finally has had it with her non-caring husband, she decides to create a scene to get his attention, and at the same time get rid of his annoying younger brother. When she accuses her brother-in-law of rape her husband has no choice but to show him the door.  Encouraged by the success, she tries her trick again with another man. Will Ken wake up or is he still blinded by his love for the woman that he thought he had married?
Former actor, now renowned Nollywood-director and producer Teco Benson’s directorial debut stars among others some of Nollywood finest: Hans Anuku, Ernest Asuzu, Rita Dominic and Robert Peters.