By :
MARC PICAVEZ, Massaër Dieng
Senegal, 2005
75 min
Sougi, whose worldview differs substantially from that of his examiners at the prestigious university, abandons life as he knows it for a one in the margins of society. Fespaco 2007.
After an argument with his examiners at one of Senegal’s top universities, Sogui withdraws from his comfortable and legitimate life. He discovers society’s criminal underbelly together with his friend Max as well as Samba, his childhood friend who is leading an unstable and vulnerable existence, earning his living a street vendor. 
“Bul déconné” – Wolof slang for “Don’t be an idiot” - is a pal project by French filmmaker Marc Picavez and the late rising filmmaking star Massaër Dieng from Senegal. 

Their film was shot in France and Senegal, and has been screened and won awards across the world, thus keeping the memory and the spirit of a young director gone too soon alive.