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Senegal, 2011
62 min
When his company goes bankrupt, the bossy and incompetent director Suleymane suffers more than his hardworking vice, who is not too proud to start from the bottom again.
Souleymane is the proud director of a company who loves giving orders but does not know much about the business he is supposed to run. His vice director Camara is the one who actually runs the company. The business environment is hard and when the customers get increasingly unhappy, the company goes under.  The hardworking Camara quickly finds a job as a kola nut vendor. Souleymane on the other hand, is too vain to follow suit.
Directed by performer and musician Pape Kounta, “The Director and his Vice” is a labour of love by a theatre group from Senegal’s Casamance-region.