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Morocco, 2010
75 min
The troubling story of a group of three close-knit broken souls in Tanger has been declared the first of a Moroccan new cinema wave.
An unusual and unsettling love story unfolds in the mysterious city of Tanger between Abdelsellem, who has just come out of prison, his best friend Noureddine and the destructive and seductive Brasilian Marcela. In a style reminding of John Cassavetes, Hicham Ayouch’s film about three broken souls has been described as a veritable UFO (Unidentified film object) in the sphere of Moroccan cinema and, like Godard’s Breathless – another reference used to describes its story and style - a first of a new wave.

Paris born Moroccan filmmaker and former journalist Hicham Ayouch’s award-winning second feature premiered in 2010.