By :
Faruk Afolabi LASAKI
Nigeria, 2007
93 min
Two unlikely bedfellows share a night of passion and end up taking more than the memories of the night away with them.
Young reporter, Lola and Architecture whiz kid Dale, are the antithesis of each other; she is fun loving, free spirited and lively while Dale is conservative and a reserved workaholic. However, their paths still manage to cross at an Architectural conference in a beautiful hill top hotel.

From the minute the bored Lola sets her eyes on him, she decides she's going to have him, and she goes to all lengths to get him into her bed. Dale doesn’t make this easy for her at all as he is not only married but a born again Christian who holds a high premium on fidelity. But Lola is determined and after a lot of scheming and manipulations, she finally gets Dale into her bed on the last night of the conference.

The next morning they both return to their normal lives, only to discover that things have changed and they have exchanged personalities. Lola finds herself saddled with scruples and morals, which contradict everything she has lived by thus far, while Dale is in the clutches of a libido he can’t control. Things come to a head when Dale's beloved wife catches him on top of the maid and leaves him. Dale decides he has to find Lola if he is to become himself again.

But things aren’t too straightforward for Lola. Although she has been having problems and her social life is at a stand still, she isn’t at all sure she wants to go back to how things used to be. Dale is sure, and does everything within and beyond his power to get them there.