By :
Thian Mamadou THIANDOUME
Senegal, 2007
115 min
A magical ring turns the insecure Jules into a Casanova with near super powers. DVD blockbuster hit in Senegal in the 2000s.
Jules, who is the laughing stock of his more confident friends, dreams of approaching girls without fear of making a fool out of himself. Everything changes when he finds a magical ring that turns him into a super Casanova, who is sure of himself and hungry for all the good life has to offer. The sky is the ceiling and Jules now aspires to become the President of the country, but destiny might have other plans in store for him.

Thian Mamadou Thiandoume’s award-winning Jaaro bi 1 became an instant hit when released straight to DVD in 2008. Keep your eyes open for the 2011 prequel Jaaro bi 2, which tells of the origins of the magic ring.