By :
Thian Mamadou THIANDOUME
Senegal, 2011
110 min
The return of a magic ring causes commotion in Jules’s life. In this prequel to the success Jaaro bi 2 its history is finally revealed. Exclusive!
Jules is trying to get rid of his magic ring after experiencing the backside of the superpowers that the ring gave him. In no time the women who fought for his attention disappear, except for a one, who decides to take him hostage.  Despite the misfortunes caused by the ring the first time around, Jules is having second thoughts and cannot help thinking that it is his key to happiness after all. But where does it actually come from?

Thian Mamadou Thiandoume’s award-winning Jaaro bi 1 became an instant hit when released straight to DVD in 2008. In true Star Wars-style Thian now releases the prequel that reveals the whole story.