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South Africa, 1995
27 min
One of the few gay-themed films to have come out of South Africa.
Tim holds Dave, the man that he loved in school when they were teenagers, captive in a motel room - the same man who as a boy betrayed and humiliated him. Tim's aim: To understand Dave's motivations, to humiliate, degrade and kill him...
But will he be able to go through with turning his dark fantasy into reality?

Together they relive their past and how they became the people they are. For six days, in a lonely motel room, a bitter and explicit private war rages between homosexuality and heterosexuality, between rejection and acceptance, reaching a climactic and unexpected conclusion.

Hot Legs is a controversial, psychological thriller that looks at the consequences of South Africa's previous, repressive, Calvinist, white, Apartheid school system on its students.  

"This is a film about taking responsibility for our actions and also about rejection..." says writer/director Luiz DeBarros.  ​