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South Africa, 2010
27 min
"She has to find them". Most surprising SciFi UFO from SouthAfrica with sizzling SFX and B&W photography. Festival cult-nugget.
The late 1950s, and the height of Cold War tension: when her husband and step sons don’t return from a routine trip into town, a young housewife finds herself alone in their remote farmhouse. As time passes it becomes clear that they aren’t coming back, and with hints of strange events just over the horizon she must force herself out of an aimless cycle, setting off to find them.
What she finds instead is seemingly derelict world empty of all but a few dazed “survivors”. Unsure who, if anyone, to trust, she must navigate a series of strange encounters to find shocking answers in a world that will reveal itself to be a marked alternative to what we remember.