By :
Vuks Ngcingwana
South Africa, 2009
26 min
A remarkably well directed short in the tough reality of townships (Cape Town), with a moral ending about Christianity.
​The story follows three township thugs namely Thamza, Mazwi and Sjwi going about their usual mischievous endeavours. Sjwi a township Mafikizolo hardball wannabe Gangster who is fresh out from the rural buses of Transkei quickly learns how cruel the urban shanty town of Cape Town can be as he divulger into a world of crime terror alongside his newfound friends and partners in crime Thamza and Mazwi.

Betrayal and murder seems to be inevitable as tension between Sjwi and Mazwi eventually reaches breaking point and squares off with make it out alive? Will he come to truly acknowledge GOD and become a Born again cristian? Will he truly come to realize the power of UMTHANDOZO/ the prayer at last.

The movie is based on Christianity but surrounded by the township element of thugs and traditional of muti.