By :
Tim Huebschle
Namibia, 2007
14 min
​A perfect BBQ evening is not necessarily that perfect…
BEEF tells the story of an BBQ evening hosted by Marc, a somewhat peculiar perfectionist.  Everything  is  planned  to  be  meticulous. The serviettes matching with the plastic cutlery and cups - and of  course  the  guests.  
His  ex-girlfriend  (who  brings  her  new boyfriend  along),  two  sisters  (the  one  has a crush  on  Marc  and the  other  is  a  Vegetarian!)  and  two  strange  men  (one  of whom seems  to  fancy  Marc  and  the  other  just  quietly  digs  into  the food). 
Everything could have been so perfect, as Marc had planned - but the guests end up ridiculing Marc and reduce the host to a servant, but they forget that he who laughs last...

Merit Award for Directing & Special Mention of the Jury, Namibia Film Awards 2007, nominated for World Short Film Award in 2008.