By :
Tim Huebschle
Namibia, 2008
11 min
A colonial statue comes to life in new Namibia. A tale, funny but serious too…
The story revolves around the German Rider of the Rider Monument in  Windhoek  - one  of  Namibia's  most  prominent  historical monuments  -  coming  to  life  and being  confronted  with  his  own identity. In a funny but serious tale, the Rider's journey takes him through a changed world, as he stumbles upon the Independence Day celebration ceremony in the nation's capital. 

The Rider finds himself  confronted by a  modern  reality  made  up  of  mixed  race couples,  rude  taxi  drivers, obnoxious prostitutes  and  drag queens,  and  finally black  men  in  uniforms.  All  the  Rider  longs for is something familiar...

Overall winner Wild Cinema Shared Experiences Short Film Competition, winner Namibia Film Awards Best Director 2009.