By :
Tim Huebschle
Namibia, 2007
52 min
A selection of the best Namibian shorts. Festival hits !
BEEF tells the story of an BBQ evening hosted by Marc, a somewhat peculiar perfectionist.  Everything  is  planned  to  be  meticulous. The serviettes matching with the plastic cutlery and cups - and of  course  the  guests. 
His  ex-girlfriend  (who  brings  her  new boyfriend  along),  two  sisters  (the  one  has a crush  on  Marc  and the  other  is  a  Vegetarian!)  and  two  strange  men  (one  of whom seems  to  fancy  Marc  and  the  other  just  quietly  digs  into  the food).
Everything could have been so perfect, as Marc had planned - but the guests end up ridiculing Marc and reduce the host to a servant, but they forget that he who laughs last...

Orange juice

On a fine day they met over a glass of orange juice. Destiny overwhelmed, they fell completely in love. However they each held a secret. A secret so threatening it would destroy their chance at true love. Years later, still as inseparable as on that one fine day and still very much in love, fate intervenes and both their secrets are revealed. Only the truth will tell the outcome.

Rider without a horse

The story revolves around the German Rider of the Rider Monument in  Windhoek  -  one  of  Namibia's  most  prominent  historical monuments  -  coming  to  life  and  being  confronted  with  his  own identity. In a funny but serious tale, the Rider's journey takes him through a changed world, as he stumbles upon the Independence.

Day celebration ceremony in the nation's capital. The Rider finds himself  confronted  by a  modern  reality  made  up  of  mixed  race couples,  rude  taxi  drivers,  obnoxious prostitutes  and  drag queens,  and  finally  black  men  in  uniforms.  All  the  Rider  longs for is something familiar...