Director (South Africa)

Johan Hendriksz has worked in the entertainment industry for almost two decades and he had tried his hand at almost everything! He started his career as performer, but soon expanded his skill set to include technical matters, administrative duties, business principles, managerial skills and creative currency.
Today, he is best known as entertainment consultant, technical director and creative think tank. He works in theatre, the music industry, events industry, corporate communication and television.
Johan grew up in a small town where every boy had a tree house, knew how to ride a horse, repair a bicycle puncture, shoot a pellet gun and drive a tractor. As he was about to start high school, his parents moved to Bloemfontein, and with city life came a number of life-changing experiences. He admits that the move from the tree house to the choir bench was rather clumsy, but that it had introduced him to a world that would satisfy his curiosity and would ultimately land him a career that could stand up against his genetic disposition to boredom.
“A few months after the launch of my career as choir boy, I found myself in a studio at the SABC… acting in one of those daily radio soaps… for a pay cheque! And shortly after that one of the guys I knew from radio, took me to see Mango Groove live. It was the first live concert I’ve ever been to… and I knew right away that I wanted to be in the entertainment business!”
After Matric he joined the SANDF Church Choir and Concert Group for his National Service year, but stayed for a few more years after being offered a permanent position as Musical Director and Conductor. During this time he met and worked with a number of prominent people in the South African entertainment and television industries. When the SANDF Church Choir and Concert Group was disbanded in 1997, he was immediately offered a number of opportunities as freelance performer and production manager. He eventually worked for the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival as Manager of the Fringe Festival.
After two years in that chair, he started his own business. Today, it operates as an entertainment consultancy and production house and it also offers a range of technical and production services. It is the administrative home of artists such as Lizz Meiring, Anna Davel and Terence Bridgett, and a service provider to a long list of corporate clients, theatres, arts festivals, shopping centres, production companies and celebrities, both here and in Europe.