Producer (South Africa)

Born in Cape Town to German Parents, Marc matriculated at the South African College School (SACS). He further graduated from the Cape Town Film and Television School in 1988, joining the global advertising agency Young & Rubicam in Johannesburg, where he held positions as studio manager, senior video editor and agency TV producer. In 1993 he co-founded Underdog Productions, a cross-media company, which for 18 years has pioneered marketing communication in television, on the web and in interactive and print fields.
He has produced award-winning work in multiple media, which has been seen and recognised all over the world. Over a hundred hours of Short Films, broadcast documentary, TV series, TV commercial, TV insert and corporate work has been produced under Marc’s watch. He has negotiated the unique funding model being used on the Rough or Smooth project, a first in South Africa.
Marc believes in a larger industry involvement and has always had a close association with many of the most active industry organisations in South Africa, often guiding these organisations to greater heights. He was a founding member and former chair of the Independent Producers Organisation (IPO); of which Underdog is still a member. He is the only Honorary Member of the Documentary Filmmakers’ Association (DFA). He is also currently Vice Chairperson and Executive Committee Member of the industry’s umbrella body, The South African Screen Federation (SASFED), for which he actively represents the larger industry and is involved in key industry-wide decisions. This Federation currently represents 10 industry organisations, with a collective membership of approximately 40 000 people. Marc is also Working Group Member – Support Public Broadcasting South Africa Coalition (S.O.S).
While mainly producing for the South African Market to date, Marc has market and distribution experience having attended MIPCOM in Cannes and every Sithengi Film Market to take place in South Africa. He has a network of global contacts he continues to maintain contact with. Marc also has a broad skills base much wider than other producers in that he is a true cross-media expert, having pioneered digital media exploitation of massive brands such as Big Brother in South Africa. Marc continues to work in multiple media, and is comfortable in all modern media technologies and consults on cross-media work across Africa and Europe.
A shortage of broad-spectrum skills in the cross-media sector in South Africa led Underdog in 2000 to introduce its Puppy Project, which offers hands-on, real world, experiential mentorships. To date, many people – most from previously disadvantaged backgrounds – have benefited from the program.
Ethics and integrity are values he believes in and instils in those he works with. He believes to get people to work hard, he has to work harder and so he is known to often work unnatural hours. He leads by example towards creating a fun, caring, detailed and yet visionary approach to his clients’ needs, his team and the industry as a whole.
As head of Underdog Productions, Marc has built up a broad portfolio of blue chip clients, including corporate, major global NGOs, governments and broadcasters. At age 40 – he is recognised as a respected industry veteran. Marc has strong management abilities, having run Underdog in South Africa for so many years in an often-difficult economic climate. His technical, creative, production, communication and industry knowledge guide his work as he continues to learn in an industry that is constantly evolving.


  • Rough or Smooth / Rof of Spog, 2012

  • Black Beulahs, (2005)

  • Below the belt, 2003

  • Metamorphosis: The Remarkable Journey of Granny Lee (2000)

  • Death (1997)

  • Clubbing (1994)