Director (Namibia)

Tim Huebschle, born in 1978 in Reutlingen, Germany, moved to Namibia at a very young age. He finished his schooling in Windhoek and went on to study English & German Literature (including Film Theory) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Through his studies in film theory, he discovered the magical medium of film.

In 2001 Huebschle started making short films while working as intern and later assistant editor at production companies in Berlin, Germany.

In 2003 he returned to Namibia and began producing documentaries for the national TV broadcaster NBC, as well as TV advertisements and music videos for a vast array of clients and musicians. All the while he kept on following his passion, making short narrative films, preparing him for his first full-length film.

In 2012 he released his most recent short film “Dead River”, a filmic journey down memory lane through pre-independent Namibia.

Currently Huebschle is developing his first feature entitled "Land of the Brave" following the story of Namibia's most notorious and gruesome serial killer, the B1-Butcher.


  • Dead River, short film, 2012

  • Looking for Iilonga, short film, 2011

  • Orange Juice, short film, 2010

  • Rider without a horse, short film, 2008

  • Hope, music video for Afroshine, 2008

  • Ti Mama, music video for Afroshine, 2008

  • Beef, short film, 2007