Cineast, director (Namibia/South Africa)

Andrew Botelle is a documentary filmmaker and owner of TV production company, Mamokboo Video & Research based in Namibia and South Africa.

With 19 years experience producing films in southern Africa he recently won Best Documentary at the 2012 Namibian film awards for BORN IN ETOSHA, telling the human history of Etosha National Park.

Mamokobo Video & Research carved a niche as filmmakers telling the hidden stories of Africa, bringing to life Africa's rich oral histories and cultures. As researchers they have uncovered original archival footage of Namibia from as far back as 1925 and brought the true stories of hunter-gatherers, powerful African kingdoms and the arrival of the first European settlers to the big screen.

Their documentary style is based on the mantra, "let the story tell itself", and their combination of different film styles re-ignites our human spirit, revealing the original wisdom of our forefathers, and showing that we can live in harmony with each other and with the environment on which we all depend.

Their inspiration comes from knowing that this is the first and last time in the history that hunter-gatherer lifestyles live alongside technologically advanced societies. And that for the first time in history humankind can determine our future relationship with our natural world. Their films open our hearts and our minds to the possibility that we can learn from one another to create a better world. Mamokobo Video & Research share a portion of film sales to the groups they work with to promote Africa's cultural heritage.

Their next film, "The Burning Mountain", tells the human history of the Brandberg, an extinct volcano in the Namib Desert, with prolific rock art and an extreme desert environment.


  • The power stone, 1999

  • Born in Etosha, 2011