Writer, film maker and screenwriter (Ivory Coast)

Abouet Marguerite, born in 1971, is a ivorian writer, screenwriter of comics ans film maker. In 1983, aged only 12 years, she moved with her older brother to follow lengthy studies in Paris, where she will be hosted by his maternal uncle.

After obtaining his bachelor, Then she wrote stories about his life in Paris but also about his hometown which she remained nostalgic.

In 2004, after a traning in law, she finds a post of legal assistant in a law firm but the desire to resume the pen itches. So she gives to his friend Clément Oubrerie (illustrator of children's stories) a text on his childhood memories. Clement agrees willingly to illustrate it.
Aya from Yopougon, comic inspired by memories of Margaret, who in an humorous and jovial register,telling the daily life of Aya, who is nineteen and wants to succed her studies and her friends who engage in hunting husband.

Today, Marguerite Abouet promotes " Book for all" an organization she founded in france and which facilitates access to books to underprivileged areas of African cities
Marguerite Abouet


• Aya from Yopougon (1), 2005
• Aya from Yopougon (2), 2006
• Aya from Yopougon (3), 2007
• Aya from Yopougon (4), 2008


• Aya from Yopougon (animation), 2010
• ZEM (shortcom), 2010


• Aya from Yopougon (1), First Album Award, Angouleme Festival, 2006
• Aya from Yopougon (3), Margouillat Award (Best album), Cyclone BD Festival, 2007
Marguerite Abouet Marguerite Abouet Marguerite Abouet