Actress and Director (Ivory Coast)

Born December 22, 1966, Clementine Papouet is a well known actress. Playwright by training, she began her career in 1985. For years, she has earned a name by the interpretation of roles as complex as significant. The TV series ''Ma Famille'' has made her ​​famous with her role of a woman who abuses her husband (Michel Gohou). For four years she was the host of the tv musical program "Tonnerre" in Ivory Coast.

Like many actors and actresses, Clementine Papouet is also a singer. So she released an album in which she created the concept ''Mamiboulance'' in one of her pieces.
Clémentine PAPOUET


  • Amah Sahoua, 2008 (Réalisatrice)

  • Ma famille, 2002

  • Le Paradis infernal

  • Akané dêmé

  • Fama

  • Sida dans la citée II et III

  • L’homme au visage de mort

  • Les rebelles du bois sacré

  • La guerre des femmes