Réalisateur, Producteur (Swiss)

Klaus Pas was born in 1980 from Flemish parents. He grew up and studied in Geneva.

In 2003, after a career in banking, he decides to study film directing and producing in Paris. In 2006, he directs a first 30 minute fiction titled "Displaced".

"21 000 Innocents", his second film, is a documentary which follows three former child soldiers from Liberia in their daily struggle for reintegration.

In 2009, Turbulence Films releases "Last Supper for Malthus", his second documentary about the current global food crisis. While investigating the mechanics of hunger, "Last Supper for Malthus" revives two XIXth Century economists, who revaluate their economic postulates in the midst of what could well become a permanent food crisis.

In 2010, Klaus produces and co-writes "Traiettorie Invisibili" and also writes, produces and directs a short fiction, "Love Bushido", released in 2011. His new film tells the story of Sandra, a young photographer, and her encounter with two unusual hermits living in the Swiss mountains.


  • Love Bushido, 2011

  • Last supper for Malthus, 2009

  • 21000 Innocents, 2008

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