Producer, director, writer (Canada)

Yanick is a producer and director of fiction and documentaries. Since its inception, Yanick passion for a free and conscious cinema that is not afraid to get rid of industrial diktats. He is interested in identity, social and political issues, but also to popular culture and urban music. After producing short films and music videos for hip hop artists Quebec, Yanick wrote, produced and directed his first feature documentary, CHRONIC CITY. In 2005, he produced MEMORIES OF ACAPULCO, a documentary by Diego Briceño - Orduz exposing the sexual exploitation of street youth in Acapulco by American and Canadian tourists. Then, it produces TERRITORIES Mary Ellen Davis, a documentary about Canadian photographer Larry Towell of Magnum exploring with his camera the impact of war and borders on the displaced communities. It produces the same year BALLADS OF MIDNIGHT Diego Briceño- Orduz, a documentary about Latin American immigrants who work at night as attendants to maintain the household. In 2008, he produced and co-directed with Natasha Ivisic BEHIND THE VEIL, a documentary about Muslim women and the veil. He produced and directed his second feature documentary, THE UNITED STATES OF AFRICA ( working title), which explores the social and political hip hop generation in Africa and North America impact.


  • 514-50 Hip Hop, 2001

  • Things Never Said in Playa Perdida, 2002

  • Chronique Urbaine, 2003

  • Souvenir Kids, 2005

  • Les adieux, 2006

  • Midnight Ballads, 2007

  • Three Mothers, 2008

  • Je porte le voile, 2009

  • Le gardien d'hiver, 2010

  • MTL Punk: The first wave, 2011

  • The Nature of Things, 2012

  • United States of Africa, 2012

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