Director, director of photography (Canada)

Michel Régnier started off as a journalist-photographer in France and the Ivory Coast, where he also made some documentary shorts. He arrived in Canada in 1957 and immediately landed a job with the National Film Board as an assistant and worked on some 15 documentaries. In 1959, he made his first short at the NFB, Little League, about children's baseball clubs in Quebec City. This was followed by X...raconte, a series of 26 short films for children made for Canadian television. That same year, Regnier left the NFB to work as freelance filmmaker and explored a wide range of subjects, such as industry, artists, science and sport.


  • Indian Memento, 1967

  • L'Ècole des autres, 1968

  • L'Homme et le froid, 1971

  • Les Taudis, 1972

  • New York – Twin Parks Projet, 1974

  • Soins prénatals, 1979

  • Vaccinations, 1980

  • Les Enfants du Gumbo, 1982

  • La Casa, 1986

  • Sucre noir, 1987

  • Apsara et tous les enfants du monde, 1988

  • Les silences de Bolama, 1989

  • Sous les grands arbres, 1991

  • Elles s'appellent toutes Sarajevo, 1994

  • Zandile, in the Light of the Ubuntu, 1997

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