Producer, director (Algeria)

Born in 1973 in Blida, he lives and works in Algeria. After university audio-visual studies, he took over the management of the Blida Film Library between 1998 and 2003. He chose to be "a man who shows films". Frantz Fanon: mémoire d'asile (2002) is his first film. He has directed several documentaries in Algeria and France. Garagouz (2010, 25min) is his first fiction film. He is preparing a documentary on a printers founded in Blida in 1857 and still operating.


  • Frantz Fanon, Mémoire d'asile, 2002

  • Sous le soleil de plomb, 2005

  • Le Non-Faire, 2007

  • Maurice Pons, Écrivain de l'étrange, 2007

  • La Longue Marche vers le Nepad, 2009

  • Garagouz (Marionnettes), 2010