Director, producer (South Africa)

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree and B.Dram Hons at the University of Stellenbosch, Miki moved to Johannesburg where she worked as Freelance Stage Manager, Director and Drama teacher at FUBA. She started work in television researcher, editor and scriptwriter. She later became freelance director and cameraperson. She has worked extensively on the African continent for both local and international broadcasters. Since 2000 she has been based in Cape Town and focused of developing her skills as documentary filmmaker.
Her passion lies in telling stories, which reflect the world we live in. She shoots her own documentaries in an attempt to create an intimate, honest reflection of the characters. Her work aims to be visually evocative, while at the same remaining true to the content, approaching stories with questions rather than answers. She recently just filmed her first feature documentary, KEISKAMMA – A STORY OF LOVE, a moving story about a small Eastern Cape village on the banks of the Keiskamma River.


  • Fire and the crescent moon, 2000

  • Gangsters and bioscopes, 2001

  • Spirits of the Uhadi, 2004

  • All about art, 2004

  • Keiskamma – a story of Love, 2007

  • Congo my foot, 2008

  • Mafcoland, 2010