Director (Mauritius)

Born in Mauritius in 1990, Jon Rabaud is a film director. Inspired by American films, he studies cinema in Montreal (Canada) and makes his first short fiction, Cold Blooded, in 2011.

The film was screened the same year at the Île Courts - International Short Film Festival of Mauritius. Jon also participated in the Écrire court scriptwriting workshop offered by the Festival, during which he wrote the script of his second short movie, that he shot the following year.

La Rencontre (The Encounter), a psychological thriller, was screened during the Île Courts Festival's opening night in 2012, and in other festivals: the 24th Festival de Carthage (Tunisia) in 2012, and the 35th Festival de Clermont-Ferrand (France) in February 2013.

Jon is currently working on third and fourth short movies, as well as a feature film project.


  • La rencontre, 2012

  • Cold Blooded, 2011