Director (Mauritius)

Port-Louis, the cosmopolitan capital of Mauritius, is Charlotte Nina's place of birth and residence since thirty years. She also works there as a teacher in a girls' school. She studied culture, art and multimedia.
Since a young age, this film maker is sensitive to the charm of the city. The progressive discovery of its historical buildings, the particular character of its various commercial and residential areas as well as the diversity of the professions practiced there inspired her for her documentary Wall Street Legim in 2010. Port Louis is also the backdrop of a short movie she made in 2012, Le Rosier.
Charlotte's other regular activities are the literacy courses she gives to adults and children as well as the organisation of cultural events. She also loves to explore, when in France, the Latin Quarter of Paris.


  • Le Rosier, 2012

  • Wall Street Legim, 2010