Porteurs d'Images - Cultural Non-Profit Organisation (Mauritius)

Based in Mauritius, Porteurs d’Images is a non profit organisation promoting cinema and audiovisual in Mauritius. Since its creation in 2007, Porteurs d’Images gathers professional of cinema in Mauritius in order to develop a unique cinematography, based on the realities of the Indian ocean and opened to the world.

Porteurs d’Images is active as :
- The foundator of Île Courts–International Short Film Festival International in Mauritius since 2007 www.festivalilecourts.com
- The producer of 24 Mauritian short films (both fiction and documentaries) since 2009 under the umbrella of Île Courts Festival www.festivalilecourts.com
- The distributor of Mauritian short films through Film. Box. project www.porteursdimages.org
- The author of an on-line Mauritian film catalogue through Film Box project www.porteursdimages.org

On March 12, 2013, Mauritius National Day, the collection is released in 4 parts in video-on-demand on AfricaFilms.tv.

Contact :
Porteurs d’Images