Director (Mozambique)

Mozambican director Gabriel Mondlane was trained as a sound engineer and has worked in the Mozambican film industry as sound engineer, writer, director and camera person. He has been active in the Mozambican film industry since 1978 and has written and directed more than ten documentaries. He is the chair of AMOCINE, the Mozambican Association of Filmmakers. AiM will screen his short documentary ''Voz Nocturna''.


  • Banguza Timbila, 1982

  • Comédia Infantil, 1998

  • A Miner's Tale, 2001

  • Desobediência, 2003

  • O Grande Bazar, 2006

  • Ngwenya, o Crocodilo, 2007

  • Voz Nocturna, 2007

  • Grande Hotel, 2010

  • Kanimambo, 2012

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