Director, scriptwriter, distributor, producer (South Africa)

Jawitz has been closely involved with many of the key developments in the Southern African film and television industry over the past 15 years. He has wide experience in film and television production, distribution and sales, and he is currently the managing director of Vox Pix. Prior to forming Vox Pix, Jawitz was a partner in ICE Media Ltd., one of the leading production and distribution companies in Southern Africa, which he set up in 1997 with producer Joel Phiri. In 2006, he won a US Emmy for “most outstanding cultural and artistic achievement” for “A Lions Trail”. The film was co-produced by Jawitz and Mark Kaplan and was directed by Francois Verster. It has been broadcast on more channels worldwide than any other South African made documentary.

Jawitz also co-produced with Kaplan, the 13×26′ television, radio and web based series “African Renaissance” which focused on cultural, political and social progress in 7 African countries. He is particularly proud of “Glimpse”, a 22 minute experimental  film which he  produced and co-directed with Alberto Iannuzzi and that received a special award for “originality” at the South African Film and TV Awards (SAFTA’s), and was screened at scores of festivals around the world.


  • Glimpse, 2005

  • Independent Lens, 2005

  • Senzeni-Na, 2006

  • Le tunnel, 2010

  • One Last Look, 2012

  • Dream World, 2012