Director, scenarist (Italy)

Alberto Iannuzzi is a graduate (cum laude) of the University of Rome where he graduated in ethnomusicology with an audiovisual thesis concerning the oral tradition in modern African society (Burkina Faso). He studied film at the International Film School of the Three Worlds in Cuba and attended the course "filming with natural light" by Rolf Muller. He has shot and directed many films as some of these have won prizes in Arcipelago Rome in 1996, Berlin Film Festival 2002, Sithengi African Film Market 2002 (South Africa), and were screened at Cannes 2003 ‘Semaine de la Critique.


  • Kaf? Lipton Mayonese, 1991

  • Havana, 1994

  • Errant wolf: the maya mennsanger, 1995

  • Magic and traditional heading in Africa, 2002

  • Glimpse, 2005