Producer, director, scenarist (Morocco)

Driss was born in 1954 in Kelâa Sraghna Morocco. He graduated in Economics at Lycée Hassan II (Marrakech) in 1972, and his BA at the Faculty of Law at the University of Cassablanca eight years later. For a year, he attended a course of practical training film techniques in laboratories and studios in Paris. Chouika is responsible for external relations of the National Bureau of Federation National Cinés clubs Morocco. Since 1994, he produced a film program called Zawaya.


  • Le Jeu De l'Amour, 2006

  • Tu te souviens d'Adil ?, 2008

  • Destins Croisés (Finak Alyam), 2009

  • La Main Gauche, 2011

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