Director (France)

Stemming from a family of the image (small son of the photographer Joseph Arles GEORGE), Bernard George began in the cinema as assisting operator. Awarded a diploma in history he discovers the world of archives during his military service made in Film and Photographic Establishment of the Armies. A stage which allowed him, to realize his first historic documentary “Verdun Année1916”. A movie awarded in the Documentary Festival of educationof Paris.


  • Petite histoire et grandes controverses de la constitution européenne, 2005

  • Les Nabatéens, de Pétra à Hégra, 2004

  • Jean-Marie Messier, Le Jongleur, 2003

  • Le Divorce, 2002

  • Les Etrusques, un voyage interrompu, 2001

  • L'erreur Cambodgienne, Documentaire historique, 2000

  • Annapurna, histoire d'une légende, 1999

  • Hô Chi Minh, 1995

  • Les Armes Secrètes d'Hitler, 1994

  • Verdun Année 1916, 1987

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