Director and Scriptwriter (France / Morocco)

Born in Fez in Morocco in 1959, Bruno Ulmer began his career as a doctor. A graduate of Medicine and a Masters in Management, he was a project manager in a communication consulting agency in Paris and head of cultural sponsorship and humanitarian group Danone. Bruno Ulmer is also an artist. Scriptwriter, since 1998 he has directed several documentary films and series.


  • Le Coran, aux origines du Livre, 2009

  • Welcome Europa, 2006

  • Petites bonnes, 2003

  • Casa Marseille, inch'Allah, 2002

  • Français d'ici, peuples d'ailleurs, 2001

  • Fils de son père, 2000

  • Voyages en Méditerranée, 2000

  • Livres de vie, mémoires des humbles, 2000

  • La Vie en 8, 1998

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