Videographer and Documentary maker (France)

After studying philosophy, Anaïs Prosaïc started in the press, with radio and two television magazines legendary 90s, such as Megamix, produced by Martin Meissonier. She has done several portraits documentary of the series Planet Music Arte. In recent years she has explored the visual aspect of improvised music and experimental of New York


  • Etienne Klein, Libido Sciendi, 2008

  • Marc Ribot : the Lost String, 2007

  • Mahmoud Ahmed & Either/Orchestra featuring Tsèdènia Gèbrè-Marqos, 2006

  • Trio Sylvie Courvoisier : "Abaton", 2004

  • Enrico l'Andalou, 2001

  • Trésors de scopitones arabes, kabyles, berbères, 1999

  • Patti Smith, l'océan des possibles, 1997

  • Tchitchihérazade, 1996

  • World music: Césaria Evora, Morna blues, 1996

  • Mizik pou Zié (musique pour les yeux), 1994

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