Director, Actor (Ivory Cost)

Born on January 1st, 1946 in Abidjan, Kodjo made his secondary education at Dimbroko (1964-1967). In 1968, he enters the INA to study theater. He gets out of it awarded a diploma in 1972 before making one year of training course to the superior college of dramatic art of Strasbourg and becomes a professor of theater at INA (actual INSAAC).
Alongside his studies , Kodjo played in many parts assembled by the troops of the INA where he acquired this knowledge in this area. This earned him several roles in both the Ivorian theaters and cinema . He also participated in the realization of a lot of movies.
As a matter of fact, we can retain of him that he was an excellent comedian and a movie actor, a first and better Ivory Coast manager of movie and a big stage director, too early disappeared in September 26, 1999 .

The organizers of " Clap Ivoire " ( first published in 2002) , gave his name to the Grand Prix of the contest video recordings , to honor him posthumously.


  • Rue princesse (1993)

  • Ablakon (1984)

  • Amaniè (1972)

  • Abusuan (1972)