Actor, Director (Cameroon)

Comedian and actor in movies and dramas (Rue Princesse, Daresalam Parts Identities), Gérard Essomba Mani combines in his roles depth and distancing game. His craggy face, his cheekiness, his sense of humor and derision are his high colors signature .
He has won no less than five international awards (Festival of Carthage, Amiens, Pretoria) for her performance in "Piéces d'identités".
With "L'enfant peau rouge" (short film, 2007), he launches into filmmaking.


  • Le Président (2013)

  • La première fois (2012)

  • Les veuves volontaires (2011)

  • Manbety forever (2008)

  • L’enfants peu rouge (2006)

  • Rue princesse (1993)