Film-maker and producer (Ivory Coast)

Greeted by his peers as an unchallenged master, Duparc’s value was saluted since his first feature film ABUSUAN that received an award at the 1973 Panafrican Film Festival Fespaco, which also screened in 2007 his ‘testament film’: CARAMEL.

His family just released, a goldmine website for the delight of all African movie-buffs.

Henri Duparc’s titles are now available to a worldwide audience on (4€ from Europe, 4 USD from the rest of the world, including the US, Canada and Africa).

A briliant 30-year filmmaking record to be revisited: on top of his cult-comedies BAL POUSSIERE and RUE PRINCESSE, or social satires L’HERBE SAUVAGE or COULEUR CAFE, give a try to some rarely seen nuggets, like his 2 hour-long interview of Laurent Gbagbo and his cult TV show for kids, AYA...

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  • Mouna le rêve d'un artiste, 1969

  • Abusuan, 1972

  • L'herbe sauvage, 1977

  • Aya, 1986

  • Bal Poussière, 1988

  • Le sixième doigt, 1990

  • Joli cœur, 1992

  • Rue Princesse, 1994

  • Une couleur café, 1997