Director (Senegal)

Born in July 23, 1951 at Boulel (Senegal), Amadou Thior studied film at the Ecole Nationale Louis Lumière / Promotion 1977. He has to his credit many years of achievement in the Senegalese Radio Television (Rts) and the Office of Film of the Ministry of Culture of Senegal. In 1985 he won the Grand Prix of the EEC (European Economic Community) FESPACO with his film "Xarek-Maral" as Best Picture Short Film in Development. He also participated in the creation of "Camp Thiaroye" and "Guelwaar" by Ousmane Sembene. In FESPACO 2001, he won the Special Prize "international level" Film Feature film for children with "Almodou".


  • Mayelle, 2002

  • Almodou, 2000

  • Mariage Précoce, 1995

  • Exchange cross road, 1994

  • Xareek Maral, 1985