Director and Producer (Canada)

Jean-François Méan is a researcher, writer and director of documentaries and short dramatic films. Shortly after graduating from the Mel Hopenheim school of Cinema in Montreal, he co-wrote and directed American Savannah, a documentary about the North American obsession with lawns. Since then he has produced and directed short documentaries for TV5 and won an award for his short film ‘Candid Camera’ at the International Pan African Vues d’Afrique film Festival in Montreal in 2008. His latest documentary White and Black: Crimes of Color explores the killings of persons with albinism in Tanzania.


  • Blancs et Noirs, 2010

  • Les Meilleurs lieux communs, 2009

  • Rêver en couleur, 2009

  • Les Insolences d’une caméra, 2008

  • La savane Américaine, 2008