Author, Director (Senegal)

Born March 27, 1963 in Dakar, Khady Sylla is a woman of letters and a Senegalese filmmaker. After her high school degree she moved to Paris where she obtained a degree in philosophy. Then she ends her study and leads her life in an environment of young men and girls who were interested in art: fashion design, music... Then She discovers her love for writing.

After publishing, short stories and novels such as ''Le jeu de la mer'', she directed a short fiction film ''Bijoux'' and'documentaries such as ''Colobane Express''and ''Une fenêtre ouverte''.


  • Le monologue de la muette, 2008

  • Colobane Express, 2006

  • Une fenêtre ouverte, 2005

  • Les Bijoux, 1997