Director (France / Senegal)

Born in Paris in 1975, graduated from the University of Paris VIII - Saint-Denis with a Master of Film Studies. In 1999, she won the Scholarship Louis Lumière - Villa Medicis Hors les murs for her screenplay "Une femme pour Souleymane" and which will obtain numerous awards at international festivals. Meanwhile, Dyana Gaye worked as a programmer to ACID (Agency for the Independent Film Distribution) for several years. In 2004, she realized ''J’ai deux amours'' that is part of a series of 15 short films titled ''Paris, la métisse''. His latest short film, "Deweneti" has received numerous awards and was nominated for the Ceasar for short film in 2008.

In 2009 she realizes a musical comedy called "Un transport en commun." A short film which was a great successthat earned him win a many awards like the Public Prize at the Festivals EntreVues Belfort 2009 , Middle film of Brives, France, 2010, and Film Festival Women Créteil, France, 2010. Then, nominated for a César in 2011 for Best Short.

2013, the era of successful transition to feature films for Dyana Gaye, with the film "Des étoiles ", which tells skilful manner the story of three characters who confront the realities and expectations of contemporary migration.


  • Des étoiles 2013

  • Un Transport en commun 2009

  • Un Transport en Commun, 2010

  • Deweneti, 2006

  • J’ai deux amours, 2005

  • Une femme pour Souleymane, 2000