Actress (Rwanda)

Ruth NIRERE Shanel is a Rwandan female artist : singer, songwriter and actress. She released her two first songs in 1998 about commemoration of Genocide when she was only 13years old with an aim of healing broken hearts and paying respect to the victims. Shanel has been singing since then and she released her debut Album in
2009. She has starred in three films, Le Jour Où Dieu est Parti en Voyage (The Day God Walked Away) produced jointly by the European studios Artemis and Mugho Productions in 2008, Long Coat by Edward Bamporiki in 2009 and Kivu Ruhorahoza, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival New York in 2011. The Long Coat script won an award in Focus Feature/Africa First Festival in New York.

Thanks to her amazing performance in The Day God Walked Away, Shanel has won the Best Actress Award at several International Film Festivals, including Thessaloniki in Greece, Bratislava in Slovakia and KIFF in Kenya.

Born October 26, 1985.


  • Le jour où Dieu est parti en voyage, 2009

  • Rwanda, 2009

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