Writer and Director (South Africa)

Elan was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974. Following bachelor degrees in English, Linguistics and Drama & Film, he worked in the film industry in Cape Town and London between 1998 and 2003, before forming And Nu?, a creative collective specialising in scriptwriting, copywriting, video art, lens-based homage and post-production propaganda. That company became "it’s a lab", a collective of creative services. He twice attended the prestigious Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam, where he is now based. His recently completed first novel, "Wayward Nature", was shortlisted for the 2008/9 European Union Literary Award, and his second feature-length script, Swart Gevaar, is being supported by the Development Fund of the National Film and Video Foundation. "Visa/Vie" is his first feature film.


  • Lock yourself in, 2011

  • Visa/Vie, 2010

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